My name is Jewoo Jeon. I’m currently working as a photographer with a nickname ‘JEJE’. I was born and raised in Korea and traveled all around world from 2015 to 2016. During my travels , I have learned a lot of things that I couldn’t learned in school and books.
The most important thing when taking pictures is neither the camera nor the composition nor the color. I think the real thing is the mind towards the subject of person who presses the shutter. I always look at the world with the eyes of truth and put it in the frame.


Konkuk Univ. Degree with Multimedia

Working at studio ‘JEJE’  (2013 – 2017)

Solo Photography Exhibition ‘Nothing happened travel’ (Art Gallery IPO 2016. 09 ) 

Art work Collaboration with ‘Artrip’ (2016. 10 – 2017.03)


2015.02  SBS Newstory (TV interview)
2015.06 Korea Times (Newspaper article)
2015.07 EBE 20X20 (TV Lecture)
2015.12 Bloter (Newspaper article)
2016.02 TBS eFM (Radio interview)
2016.09 Seoul New (Newspaper article)
2016.09 Magazine Arena (Interview)
2016.11 Magazine Wedding21 (Interview)
2016.12 Sedaily (Newspaper article)
2017.05 Arirang TV 3S (TV interview)

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